West Duluth - Geography & Population

Geography & Population

West Duluth covers an area of 5,726 acres (23 km2), or 13% of the city area, making it the third largest district in the city. Note that, as with many other Duluth neighborhood districts, the area is actually developed to a major extent is considerably smaller than the district figure. This is largely due to the harsh topography (hill) of the area.

The 2000 census enumerated 11,431 residents in the district, a 3% change from 1990. 23.8% of the population is under 18, and 15.7% over 65. 73.5% of households are owned, slightly higher than the city figure of 64.1%. The official figure places household density at just 0.85 / acre, but in most areas where development has actually taken place the density is much higher. As with the rest of the city, the housing stock tends to be very old by American standards, with a large percentage (most likely a majority) of homes having been built before 1939.

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