West Coast Offense

In American football, "West Coast Offense" ("WCO") is a common term for an offense that places a greater emphasis on passing than on running.

There are two similar but distinct offensive-strategic-systems of play which are commonly referred to as "West Coast Offenses": (A) the Air Coryell system popularized by Don Coryell; or (B) more commonly the offensive system popularized by Bill Walsh characterized by short, horizontal passing routes in lieu of running plays to "stretch out" defenses, opening up the potential for long runs or long passes.

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... United States of America and Canada, as well as adjacent areas to the West and Southwest ... BCE, reaching the Pacific Northwest by 5000 BCE, and from there migrating along the Pacific Coast and into the interior ... They migrated into Alaska and northern Canada, south along the Pacific Coast, into the interior of Canada, and south to the Great Plains and the American Southwest ...
West Coast Offense - Requirements and Disadvantages
... The West Coast offense requires a quarterback who throws extremely accurately, and often blindly, very close to opposing players ... that his long but sometimes wobbly passes would not have worked in the West Coast system ... The West Coast offense caused a split still evident today among quarterbacks those who were more adept at the West Coast style Joe Montana, Steve Young, Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Matt Hasselbeck ...
Cincinnati Bengals - Contributions To NFL Culture - West Coast Offense/Paul Brown's Offense & The Zone Blitz
... The West Coast Offense, is the popular name for the high-percentage passing scheme designed by former Bengals assistant Bill Walsh ... Walsh formulated what has become popularly known as the West Coast Offense during his tenure as assistant coach for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1968 to 1975, while working under the tutelage of ... Ironically, the defense created to combat the West Coast Offense also came from Cincinnati ...
Coryell Offense - West Coast Offense Comparisons
... The Coryell offense attacked vertically through seams, while the West Coast offense moved laterally as much as vertically through angles on curl and slant routes ... The Coryell offense had lower completion percentages than the West Coast offense, but the returns were greater on a successful play ... "The Coryell offense required more talented players, a passer who could get the ball there, and men who can really run—a lot of them," said Walsh ...
Bill Johnson (center)
... schemes of NFL football teams by co-creating the west coast offense ... worked, and we were the first team, the 49ers were, to use that sort of offense with short, quick routes by the receivers." Many people give full credit to former San Francisco ... of Stanford University in 1977, implemented the west coast offense, and further popularized the scheme when made head coach of the 49ers upon his arrival in 1979 ...

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