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List Of Cable Internet Providers - Europe - Finland
... In Finland, the three main ISP's for cable internet are Welho, Elisa and Sonera and there are several smaller local providers. 24/2 24 Mbit 2 Mbit Unlimited N/A EuroDOCSIS v2.0 modem required, 2008Q1 Welho 110 Mbit 5 Mbit Unlimited EuroDOCSIS v3 modem required ... Welho 10M 10 Mbit 1 Mbit Unlimited 44.90 EUR EuroDOCSISv1.1 modem included Welho 5M 5 Mbit 1 Mbit Unlimited 35.90 EUR EuroDOCSIS v1.1 modem included Welho 2M 2 Mbit 500 ...