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Weird Science (song) - See Also
... Weird Science (TV series) Weird Science (film) Oingo Boingo Danny Elfman Steve Bartek Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez Sam "Sluggo" Phipps Dale Turner Leon Schneiderman John Avila Warren Fitzgerald Doug Lacy Marc ...
Larry Poindexter - Filmography
... The One with the Candy Hearts" 1995 Weird Science Agent Scolder Episode "Fly Boy" 1995-1996 Hope and Gloria Jeffrey 4 episodes 1995-1996 New York Daze Henry ... Micah Worry?" 1997 Rewind Mike TV series 1997-1998 JAG Dalton Lowne 7 episodes 1997 Weird Science Lt ... Pommafritte Episode "Stalag 16" 1998 Weird Science Scolder Doctor Episode "Night of the Swingin' Steves" Episode "Genie Junior" 1998 Style Substance Dax Chandler Episode "No Soap, Romeo" 1999 Early Edition Addison ...
Al Williamson - Biography - 1950s
... From 1949 to 1951, Williamson worked on science-fiction and Western stories for publishers such as American Comics Group (AGC), Avon Publications, Fawcett Comics, Standard Comics, and, possibly, Toby Press ... Williamson primarily worked on EC's science fiction comics Weird Science, Weird Fantasy, and Weird Science-Fantasy, illustrating both original stories, primarily by writer Al ... its illustrative flamboyance, evident in such stories as "I, Rocket", in Weird Fantasy #20 (Aug ...
EC Archives Schedule
... Landis January 212. 978-1-60360-103-0 EC Archives Weird Science 1 Weird Science #12 - 15, #5 - 6 George Lucas December 212. 978-1-888472-58-5 2 Weird Science #7 - 12 Paul ...
Anthony Michael Hall - Career - 1980s
... Later that year, Hall portrayed Gary Wallace, another likable misfit, in Weird Science ... "he outgrowing the role" and " need to hold the patent on the bratty bright kid." Weird Science was a moderate success at the box office but was generally well-received for a teen comedy ... who portrayed John Hughes' alter egos in Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Weird Science, credits the director for putting him on the map and giving him those opportunities as a child ...

Famous quotes containing the words science and/or weird:

    Everything in science depends on what one calls an aper├žu, on becoming aware of what is at the bottom of the phenomena. Such becoming aware is infinitely fertile.
    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)

    That weird shall never daunten me.”
    Syne he has kissed her rosy lips,
    All underneath the Eildon Tree.
    Unknown. Thomas the Rhymer (l. 22–24)