Weather Gage - Weather Gauge

Gauge and gage are often used as alternative spellings. To the extent there is a difference, a weather gauge can be a form of meteorological instrumentation for measuring weather quantitatively, such as a rain gauge, thermometer, anemometer or barometer. A gage is a challenge, and hence an entry into battle, though the word is more commonly embedded in the word engage.

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Battle Of Plymouth - Battle
... the north against the convoy, having the weather gauge ... Having thus gained the weather gauge the Dutch at once exploited this by turning and attacking from the north ... the end decided against it as he did not have the weather gauge ...
Battle Of Schooneveld - First Battle
... to prevent the Dutch from gaining the weather gauge, before he could form a proper keel line ... a brilliant manoeuvre, disengaged slowly to the northwest to keep the weather gauge, but like Rupert didn't use this position to attack ... parts and he could attack the confused enemy rear with a numerical superiority having the weather gauge ...

Famous quotes containing the word weather:

    To recover a buried treasure without having it disappear miraculously in the process, one must be entitled to it, and also be willing—really willing deep in his heart—to share it with the poor and helpless. Buried money, especially silver, gives off a bright glow which comes right up through the earth and can be seen as a dim light on nights when the weather is misty or there is a gentle rain.
    —Administration in the State of Ariz, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)