WDP can refer to:

  • Web Development Partnership, an independent charitable association in the web development industry.
  • Wireless Datagram Protocol, a datagram-oriented element of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) suite.
  • Water Dispersible Powder, in trading chemicals.
  • Walt Disney Pictures, main movie studio from The Walt Disney Company.
  • WDP is a paintball manufacturer, distributor, and field operator located in England
  • A non-default file extension for HD Photo, a Microsoft imaging file format.

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Locomotives In India - Special Names
... Baaz - (Bird of prey in Hindi) Mainly two WDP 4's 20012 ... are called BAAZ, WDP-4's 20000-20009 also have the name stencilled on them in the side ... belongs to Vadodara Shed Prayas - Named to a WAG-7 Pushpak - Named to a WDP-3A ...
WDP (company) - History
... WDP began operating in 1987 with the opening of the National Paintball Fields playing site ... Not content with woodland tournament play, WDP pioneered the "arena" paintball concept, introducing what would be called "Hyperball" - a speedball arena field constructed from corrugated plastic pipe and designed ... In 2007 WDP began using the trading name Angel Paintball Sports (APS) and internally restructured ...
EMD GT46PAC - Sheds
... shed of all the EMD sheds in India and currently homes locos with following road numbers WDP-4 20005–20009, 20020, 20026, 20035 and 20065 ... WDP-4B 40007–40009, 40036, 40046 and 40054–40057 Krishnarajapuram The Krishnarajapuram diesel locomotive shed currently homes these locos with the following road numbers WDP-4 ... The Golden Rock homes the following WDP-4B 40063,40064,40067,40068,40075,40077 WDP-4D 40093 Siliguri Siliguri homes the following WDP-4 20000–20004, 20011–20018, 20048–20052, 20061, 20063–20064, 20066 ...
WDP (company)
... WDP, LTD, now doing business as Angel Paintball Sports, is a manufacturer and distributor of paintball markers and equipment located in England ... WDP is best known for manufacturing the Angel line of electropneumatic paintball markers ...
Locomotives Of India - Broad Gauge (5 Ft 6 In) Locomotives Used in India - Diesel Traction - Passenger Locomotives
... WDP 1 WDP 2 (New class name WDP 3A. 3100 hp) WDP 3 (This locomotives are actually prototypes of the class WDP 1 and never entered serial production.) WDP 4 (EMD (former GM-EMD) GT46PAC. 4000 hp) WDP 4B (EMD (former GM-EMD) GT46PAC, An improved version of the WDP 4, this is a more powerful version and has 6 traction motors, just like the WDG 4 ...