Water Witch

  • (noun): Someone who uses a divining rod to find underground water.
    Synonyms: dowser, rhabdomancer

Some articles on water witch:

USS Water Witch (1851) - Civil War
... Water Witch engaged Ivy briefly but never encountered the ram which zeroed in on and damaged Richmond ... Water Witch was assigned to the latter organization, and her area of operations became the gulf coasts of Alabama and Florida ... On 1 October, Water Witch, USS Cimarron, and USS Uncas moved up the river as far as St ...
National Civil War Naval Museum At Port Columbus - USS/CSS Water Witch Project
... a full scale reproduction of the USS/CSS Water Witch, in 2009 using her original plan drawings ... The original Water Witch was stationed as a Union blockader in Savannah, Georgia during the war and was captured during a Confederate Navy commando raid in 1864 and ... The story of the Water Witch is compelling because she served the navies of both sides during the course of the war, and also because her capture was led in-part by an African-American ...
USS Water Witch (1847)
... Speed 9 knots Complement 54 Armament one 8”-shell gun two 32-pounder guns USS Water Witch (1847) was a steamer in the service of the United States Navy ... The second Water Witch was a modification of the hull of the first USS Water Witch (1845) ...

Famous quotes containing the words witch and/or water:

    A witch is one who worketh by the Devil or by some curious art either healing or revealing things secret, or foretelling things to come which the Devil hath devised to ensnare men’s souls withal unto damnation. The conjurer, the enchanter, the sorcerer, the diviner, and whatever other sort there is encompassed within this circle.
    George Gifford (16th century)

    It is with artworks as it is with wine: it is much better when we do not need either one, when we stick with water, and when out of our own inner fire, the inner sweetness of our own soul, we turn the water over and over again into wine ourselves.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)