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Service Provision

Public regional water companies. Ten Dutch water companies are responsible for drinking water supply in the Netherlands. The Association of Dutch Water Companies (Vewin) represents them. Many of their services, such as customer relations and repairs, are contracted out to the private sector. There is also one small private water company, which is expected to be taken over by the public water company Vitens in 2011.

Private sector. The small private company NV Bronwaterleiding Doorn provides drinking water to the municipality of Doorn and a neighboring municipality. As per the provision of the law banning private sector participation in the provision of water services, the company is slated to be taken over by the much larger regional public water company VITENS which operates in the surrounding area.

Municipalities. 431 municipalities are responsible for collecting wastewater via the sewer system.

Water Boards. The 27 water boards (Waterschappen) are key institutions in charge of water resources management in the Netherlands. They are decentralised public authorities with their own legal personality and financial resources. Water boards are based on the Dutch Constitution. Their responsibilities are outlined in the Water Boards Act of 1995. Water boards are responsible for flood control, management of regional water resources (quantity and quality) and treatment of urban wastewater. The oldest water boards date from the 13th century, making them the oldest democratic structure in the Netherlands. The umbrella organisation of the water boards is the Association of Dutch Water Boards (Unie van Waterschappen). Many water boards contract out services to the private sector, such as through DBFO (Design, Build, Finance, Operate) contracts for wastewater treatment plants involving private operation for a period of 30 years.

Waternet In the case of Amsterdam, the local water supply company and the local Water Board DWR merged in January 2006 to form Waternet, thus forming the first integrated water and sanitation company in the Netherlands.

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