Water Loop

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Cooling Tower - Classification By Use - HVAC
... Water-cooled chillers are normally more energy efficient than air-cooled chillers due to heat rejection to tower water at or near wet-bulb temperatures ... HVAC use of a cooling tower pairs the cooling tower with a water-cooled chiller or water-cooled condenser ... is defined as the heat rejection in cooling 3 US gallons/minute (1,500 pound/hour) of water 10 °F (6 °C), which amounts to 15,000 Btu/hour, assuming a chiller coefficient of performance (CO ...
Geothermal Drilling - Ground Heat Exchanger - Direct Exchange
... The ground-coupling is achieved through a single loop, circulating refrigerant, in direct thermal contact with the ground (as opposed to a combination of a refrigerant loop and a water loop) ... leaves the heat pump cabinet, circulates through a loop of copper tube buried underground, and exchanges heat with the ground before returning to the pump ... exchange" refers to heat transfer between the refrigerant loop and the ground without the use of an intermediate fluid ...

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    Thales claimed that everything was water. He also put wine into water to sterilize it. Did he really believe he was putting water into water to sterilize it? Parmenides, like most Greeks, knew that wine was not water. But while lifting a glass of wine to his lips, he denied that motion was possible. Did he really believe that the glass was not moving when he lifted it?
    Avrum Stroll (b. 1921)