WASP-15 - Characteristics


WASP-15 is an F-type star with a mass that is 1.18 times larger than the Sun, and a radius that is 1.477 bigger. It is, thus, larger, more massive, and more diffuse than the Sun. The star has an effective temperature of 6300 K, making it also hotter than the Sun. With a metallicity of = -0.17, WASP-15 has 0.676 times the amount of iron than the Sun, and has consistently lower levels of other metals, including sodium, magnesium, silicon, calcium, and scandium. In addition, WASP-15 is most likely younger than the Sun, as it has an estimated age of 3.9 billion years. WASP-15 is approximately 3.09 times more luminous than the Sun.

WASP-15 is located at a distance of 308 parsecs (1,004 light years), and it has an estimated apparent magnitude of 10.9. It is, thus, not visible from Earth with the unaided eye.

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