Warrington Bank Quay Railway Station - Layout


The station consists of two island platforms. The easternmost one has 19th century buildings, but the western platform has buildings dating from the 1950s. Passengers enter the station at street level through a functional modern entrance containing an information office and ticket office, and proceed through a subway, reaching the elevated platforms by stairs or a lift. There is a buffet on the eastern platform.

The outer platforms (1 and 4) are used for Liverpool terminating services and services between Manchester and North Wales, the trains from either direction can use either platform. Platform 2 is generally used for southbound intercity services to Birmingham New Street and London Euston while platform 3 is used for northbound intercity services to Edinburgh and Glasgow Central.

The station's best known landmark is the huge Unilever detergent manufacturing plant which stands overlooking the site.

The station has suffered from years of neglect, and because of this, Virgin Trains have announced improvements to the station are to be made. In 2009, an extension to the existing car park, a first class lounge and a new taxi rank were built, along with improvements to the platforms and a new ticket office and travel centre. The new entrance hall is now complete, with ticket office and newsagent. The buffet on the London bound platforms has been modernised.

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