Warning Calls

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Reciprocal Altruism - Examples - Warning Calls in Birds
... Warning calls, although exposing a bird and putting it in danger, are frequently given by birds ... Alarming another bird by giving a warning call tends to prevent predators from specializing on the caller’s species and locality ... In this way, birds in areas in which warning calls are given will be at a selective advantage relative to birds in areas free from warning calls ...
Vengeance Of Morbius - Plot
... molecules are getting agitated, so he bangs on the door again and calls out to the Sisters, warning them that Zarodnix already has a Time Lord prisoner ... Bulek calls to them from the shadows and tells them the Timescoop is only employed to bring all their errant children back into the fold in the direst emergencies ... Doctor telepathically sends out a message to Orthena, warning that they only have one chance to get things right ...

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    The birth of the new constitutes a crisis, and its mastery calls for a crude and simple cast of mind—the mind of a fighter—in which the virtues of tribal cohesion and fierceness and infantile credulity and malleability are paramount. Thus every new beginning recapitulates in some degree man’s first beginning.
    Eric Hoffer (1902–1983)

    We have not the motive to prepare ourselves for a “life-work” of teaching, of social work—we know that we would lay it down with hallelujah in the height of our success, to make a home for the right man. And all the time in the background of our consciousness rings the warning that perhaps the right man will never come. A great love is given to very few. Perhaps this make-shift time filler of a job is our life work after all.
    Ruth Benedict (1887–1948)