Ware Group

The Ware group was a covert organization of Communist Party USA operatives within the United States government in the 1930s, run first by Harold Ware and then by Whittaker Chambers.

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Marion Bachrach
1957) was the sister of John Abt and also a member of the Ware group, a group of government employees in the New Deal administration of President Franklin D ... Membership and meeting of the Ware group were highly secretive, and many members eventually infiltrated into higher levels of the United States ... After Alger Hiss was cut out from closer contact with the Ware group, Hiss remained a close associate of Marion Bachrach ...
List Of Soviet Agents In The United States - Soviet Union - NKVD and KGB - Ware Group
... younger brother of Alger Hiss Victor Perlo, became spymaster of Perlo group during World War II George Silverman, Harvard-educated statistician who gave secret Pentagon ...
Ware Group - Handover
... Ware died of injuries sustained in an automobile accident near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in August 1935 ... Peters, who had introduced Whittaker Chambers to Harold Ware the year before, placed Chambers in charge of the Ware Group ...
J. Peters - Biography - Espionage
... Another of Peters' duties included maintaining contact with the Ware group in Washington D.C ... and he took over direct supervision of that group in 1935 ... About 1936 Peters recognized that some members of the Ware group had potential for advancement within the government, so a decision was made to separate them from the ...

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