Wanyan Wuyashu

Wanyan Wuyashu (完顏烏雅束; 1061–1113, r. 1104–1113) was the chief of the Jurchen Wanyan tribe. He was the elder brother of Taizu (Wanyan Aguda), founder of the Jin Dynasty. He was given the temple name Kangzong (康宗).

Wuyashu was born to Shizu (Wanyan Helibo) in 1061 and inherited from his uncle Muzong (Wanyan Yingge) in 1104. Muzong died in the middle of the conquest of Helandian (曷懶甸, Hamgyŏngdo, North Korea) after pacifying the Tumen River basin. Wuyashu resumed the project in the next year. Under his order, Shi Shihuan (石適歡) led Jurchen army of the Tumen River basin, subdued Jurchen in Helandian and advanced southward to chase about 1,800 remnants who defected to Goryeo. Goryeo did not hand them over but sent Im Gan (林幹) to intercept the Wanyan army. However, Shi Shihuan defeated Im Gan north of the Chŏngp'ŏyng wall and invaded northeastern frontier of Goryeo. Goryeo dispatched Yun Gwan (尹瓘) but lost a battle again. As a result, Wuyashu subjugated the Jurchen in Helandian.

In 1107, Goryeo sent delegate Heihuanfangshi (黑歡方石) to celebrate Wanyan Wuyashu's inheritance of the chieftainship of the Wanyan Tribe, and promised to return those Helandian Jurchens who escaped to Goryeo. However, when Wanyan's delegate Wanyan Aguo(完顏部阿聒) and Wulida Shenkun(烏林答部勝昆) arrived in Goryeo, they were killed and Goryeo dispatched five large armies led by Yun Gwan to Helandian. The Goryeo army destroyed a hundred Jurchen villages and built nine fortresses there. Wanyan Wuyashu thought about giving up Helandian, but Wanyan Aguda convinced Wanyan Wuyashu to dispatch Wanyan Wosai(斡賽) to fight Goryeo. Wosai also built nine fortresses facing the Goryeo's nine fortresses. After one-year battle, the Wanyan army won two fortresses and eliminated Goryeo reinforcements. Goryeo and the Jurchen achieved settlement and, as a result, Goryeo withdrew from the occupied areas.

He also pacified the Suifen River basin. When he died in 1113, his younger brother Aguda succeeded.