Wanamaker Organ - Architectural Layout

Architectural Layout

The pipes are laid out across five floors, with the sections situated as follows:

  • 2nd floor south - Main Pedal 32′, Lower Swell, Great, Percussions
  • 3rd floor south - Main Pedal, Chorus, Upper Swell, Choir/Enclosed Great, Solo, Vox Humana Chorus
  • 4th floor south - String
  • 4th floor west - Orchestral (adjacent to String)
  • 7th floor south - Major Chimes, Ethereal
  • 7th floor north - Echo

The 32′ Wood Open, 32′ Diaphone, and 32′ Metal Diapason pipes run the length of a little more than 2 stories, beginning on the second floor.

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