Wallace Fountain - Why Fountains?

Why Fountains?

As a result of the siege of Paris and the Commune episode, many aqueducts had been destroyed, and the price of water, already higher than normal, went up considerably. Because of this, most of the poor had to pay for water. The temptation to take to liquor was strong among the lower classes, and it was considered a moral duty to keep them from falling into alcoholism. Even today, when water and hygiene are not a problem for the majority of Parisians, these fountains are often the only sources of free water for the homeless.

The poor are not the only beneficiaries of these installations. Even if the aim of the fountains was to allow people of modest means to have access to drinking water, they are not the only ones who use them. Anyone passing by, rich or poor, may quench his thirst, fulfilling this vital need in equal fashion.

Not only did the fountains accomplish Wallace's philosophy of lending a hand to those in need, but they also served to beautify Paris.

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