Wajiha Rastagar

Wajiha Rastagar (born 12. May 1967) (Afghani/Persian:وجيهه رستگار) is a singer from Afghanistan. She is wife to fellow singer and composer Farid Rastagar. She sings in Pashto and Persian. She currently lives in Germany along with her husband & children, and she continues her career from there. Wajiha Rastagar is one of the most talented singers in Afghanistan and perhaps one of the most controversial artistes. Though already as a student she had become famous before with her patriotic marching song "watan ranaa kawoo" her career started singing with GULI SURKH orchestra formed by her husband Farid Rastagar and his friends such as famous musician Amir jan Sabori. Wajiha Rastagar was a student of primary school when she participated in the school’s cultural programmes.

She married Farid Rastagar, who was the music arranger and singer in GULI SURKH. Wajiha Rastagar has been singing a notable number of Afghanistan’s famous songs among which range some popular Afghani folksongs. Most of her songs are popular amongst Afghans as well as Iranians. Her song NAZI JAN was re-performed by Iranian singers. She came into focus again when she performed her album Delk-i-khoshbawar very nice. Delk-i-khoshbawar won the bestseller award on 2003 from KHORASAN MUSIC. Wajiha Rastagar has received the title of the Best singer of the year in Afghanistan and in Europe.

Farid And Wajiha have been living in exile in Germany since 1992. They have released 5 CDs and music videos in exile and have had more than 40 concerts since 1993 in Europe, Australia USA and Canada. Hadia Rastagar is the 7-year-old daughter of Wajiha and Farid Rastagar. She is the singer of ALOCHA album the first song Album for children’s of Afghanistan . She is playing keyboard and Zerbaghali.

Significant festivals and concerts International music festival: Berlin 1981 Czechoslovakia international music festival 1082 Asian music festival in Tajikistan - 1986 Artist festival of ghazal, pop and classic music in India - 1984 World music festival in Moscow - 1984 Asian festival of Uzbekistan / Tajikistan - 1986 Pop music concert in central Asia - 1987 International Asian concert in Kazakhstan (Voice of Asia) - 1988 International youth festival in Korea - 1989 Asian concert in Samarkand and Bokhara ( Uzbekistan ), 1990 Asian festival in Turkey, 1991 Concert for helping Afghanistan ’s children in Sweden for Afghan PEN club - 2000 Live concert in BBC - 2002

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