W31 - Uses - Nike Hercules Missile

Nike Hercules Missile

The Nike Hercules was a surface to air or surface to surface missile system deployed around US cities and various locations in Europe and Japan. Many of these missiles were deployed with nuclear warheads.

Four yield variants, of 2, 10, 20, and 30 kiloton yields, were deployed on these missiles starting in 1958 and finally retired in 1989. 2,550 of these models were produced. The 20 kt version of the W-31 was solely used in the Nike Hercules system.

A similar variant, the XW-37, was a high yield version of the XW-31. Development started in January 1956. Three months later, the XW-31 was redesignated XW-31Y1 (for yield 1) and the XW-37 designation was changed to XW-31Y2 (for yield 2).

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