Vres Enan Tropo - Track Listing

Track Listing

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Vres Ena Tropo" (Βρές ένα τρόπο; Find a way) Vangelis Kostantinidis Kostantinos Pantzis 4:18
2. "Pes Mou Ego Ti Ftaio" (Πές μου εγώ τι φταίω; Says what I blaim) Vangelis Kostantinidis Kostantinos Pantzis 3:57
3. "Tolmas Ki'eheis Parapono Esy" (Τολμάς και έχεις παράπονο, εσύ?; Boldnesses and you have complaint, you?) Natalia Germanou Petros Imvrios 3:33
4. "Pali" (Πάλι; Again) Ilias Filippou Kostantinos Panzis 4:32
5. "Kai Pao Sta Skiladika" (Και πάω στα σκυλάδικα; And go in house) Yiannis Parios Yiannis Parios 4:07
6. "Den Glitono Apo Sena" (Δεν γλυτώνω από σένα; I do not pull through on you) Ilias Filippou Tasos Panagis 3:07
7. "Party" (Πάρτυ; Party) Vangelis Kostantinidis Alexsandros Palamaras & Don Taylor 3:40
8. "Den Se Hreiazomai" (Δεν σε χρειάζομαι; I do not need you) Vangelis Kostantinidis Kostantinos Pantzis 4:52
9. "Den To Pistevo" (Δεν το πιστεύω; I don't think so) Giannis Liontis Yiannis Parios 4:44
10. "Ta Matia Mou Rota" (Τα μάτια μου ρώτα; My eyes ask) Yiannis Parios Yiannis Parios 3:58
11. "Apopse Fevgo Apo'do" (Απόψε φεύγω από 'δώ; Tonight I leave) Ilias Filippou Kostantinos Pantzis 3:20
12. "Hilies Fores" (Χίλιες φορές; A thousand times) Yiannis Parios Yiannis Parios 4:20
13. "Love Is a Wonderful Thing" Thanos Kalliris Thanos Kalliris 3:00

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