Vraja Parikrama

Vraja Parikrama

In this article, the 34th Guru is brought to your attention. You may review lifestyle choices, and over all historical and mythical facts.

In this line of Gurus the 34th Acharya was Sri Harivyas Devacharyaji, from his time the sampradaya was divided to two parts. The main line of Gurus is continued with his elder disciple Sri Swabhuram Devacharyaji. In this Paramapara another Acharya (39th) Sri Nagaji Maharaj has come and started the divine occasion of Vraja Parikrama(circumambulation of 84 Krosha Vraja Dham, the eternal playground of Lord Sri Krishna with His cowherds and Gopis) and was entitled as Vrajavidehi Mahanta (the saint always live Vrajadham and renouncing all of his earthly desires). Over the last 530 years this Parikrama continues as the Acharya of this sect.

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