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  • Lauro Vizconde: "Is there still anyone among you who doubts that there is rampant corruption in our government? Remember when I made the disclosure that someone is pressuring the justices to vote for a reversal? I did that hoping to make them have second thoughts about doing so,”.“There is no justice in the Philippines. All of us who have cases in court, don’t we realize that if your opponent has money, brace yourself. Anyone can be paid!"
  • Jessica Alfaro: Alfaro’s e-mail from abroad read. “I stand by my story. Am I dismayed by the decision of the (Supreme Court)? Yes, but what can I do (?). I am not an NBI agent nor an NBI asset. Thats all crap! Eh di sana may sweldo ako. Di naman ako puwede magtrabaho don” (If that's the case, then I should have had a salary. But I could not work there) "Nasira ang buhay ko para lang sa inyo and then ganito pa ang nangyari. Ayaw akong paniwalaan. Ayoko na! Alfaro told Lauro Vizconde. (My life has been destroyed for you, and then this is what happened. They would not believe me! I've had it!)."
  • Former National Bureau of Investigation(1995–1996) Director Mariano Mison: “Hindi ako pabor sa naging desisyon ng Korte Suprema. Ginawa namin ang tama. Matagal na akong nagtitimpi. I refute all arguments,”(I'm not in favor of the Supreme Court's Decision. We did what is right. I've been holding myself back. I refute all arguments)
  • Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption chairman Dante Jimenez: "Pera talaga ang laging umiiral sa ating hustisya (Money always prevails in our justice system)".
  • Former Sandiganbayan Justice Manuel Pamaran: “When it comes to the appreciation of facts especially on the testimony of the witness, the trial court should be given the credence because it has the first opportunity to observe the demeanor, gesture and tone of voice of the witness".
  • Presiding Justice of Sandiganbayan Edilberto Sandoval:“The one who tried the case is in the best position to know whether the witness is telling the truth or not because he has the opportunity which is denied the appellate justices to observe the demeanor of the witness".
  • Ateneo law professor Alan Paguia: "The order of release is questionable as it appears to be undemocratic. It was based on the rule of the minority and not the majority as they (the SC justices) had enunciated in Fortich v. Corona." “Thus the SC decision on the Vizconde massacre is flawed,” Paguia averred, citing a portion of Fortich v. Corona, 312 SCRA 751, at 758 where the SC itself ruled that unless the minimum number of EIGHT votes for a majority is attained there is no decision to speak of, therefore the release order of the Webb group shouldn’t have been signed.
  • Former Vice President Teofisto Guingona: Guingona said he believes that Hubert Webb, son of former Senator Freddie Webb, and his six other co-accused are guilty of killing Lauro's wife, Estrellita, 47, and his daughters Carmela, 18, and Jennifer Vizconde, 7, in June 1991.
  • Thelma Chiong, national vice president of the Crusade Against Violence (CAV): “I do not agree, I do not agree. I’m dismayed with our justice system"
  • Michael Yu, president of the Cebu City Integrated Bar of the Philippines: “This is the sad day of our criminal justice system, but the high court has spoken".
  • Lawyer Dave Duallo: “The jurisprudence is consistent on this. The trial judge who observes a witness is in the best position to judge the witness’s demeanor and veracity and to evaluate the credibility of his testimony”.
  • Catholic Bishop Dinualdo Gutierrez expressed sadness at the Supreme Court’s decision and also spoke about a higher justice: “I was telling the ordinary people here that this is our legal system—even if you already know who the culprits are, but if you don’t have the evidence… Anyway, there is always divine justice

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