Visibility System

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Ship Camouflage - First World War - United States Navy
... Mackay Low Visibility System was violet with red or green patches or speckles ... Mackay Disruptive/Low Visibility System had solid blue on the lower hull, with green, orange and white in bold, undulating shapes above ... Toch Disruptive/Low Visibility System had parallel, curving diagonal stripes of gray, green, purple, red, brown and white ...

Famous quotes containing the words system and/or visibility:

    Daily life is governed by an economic system in which the production and consumption of insults tends to balance out.
    Raoul Vaneigem (b. 1934)

    My children have taught me things. Things I thought I knew. The most profound wisdom they have given me is a respect for human vulnerability. I have known that people are resilient, but I didn’t appreciate how fragile they are. Until children learn to hide their feelings, you read them in their faces, gestures, and postures. The sheer visibility of shyness, pain, and rejection let me recognize and remember them.
    Shirley Nelson Garner (20th century)