Virginia Production Order

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List Of Air Ministry Specifications - List of Specifications (incomplete) - 1920-1929
... Boulton Paul Bodmin 1/21 Long-range bomber - Vimy replacement Vickers Virginia III 2/21 Experimental single-seat convertible biplane/monoplane fighter/interceptor/two-s ... Hawker Horsley, Westland Yeovil 28/23 Long-range bomber - Virginia production order Vickers Virginia 37/23 Single-engined fighter/interceptor - improved Grebe Gloster Gamecock 1/24 Three-seat fleet reconnaissance ... Goldfinch, Gloster SS.18, Hawker Hawfinch, Vickers Type 141 10/26 Long-range bomber - Virginia production order Vickers Virginia 12/26 Fast two-seat day bomber of all-metal construction using ...

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