Virginia Gentlemen

The Virginia Gentlemen is a nationally-acclaimed men's collegiate a cappella group and the official a cappella group of the University of Virginia. Informally referred to as the VGs, the group was originally founded in 1953 as an elite octet of the Virginia Glee Club. Since establishing independence from the Virginia Glee Club in 1987, the group has continued to perform a mix of contemporary and classic vocal music.

Recognizable by the signature navy blue blazers and orange-and-blue bow ties worn during performances, the VGs offer regular performances across the Charlottesville area and the United States, and conduct annual international tours, having most recently travelled to Europe, North Africa, Australia, and East Asia. Additionally, the group has performed in recent years at the Sydney Opera House, the Forbidden City, the Grand Palace of Thailand, and at the White House for the Bush and Obama administrations.

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