Vincent Signorelli

Vincent Signorelli (more commonly known by Vinny Signorelli) is a drummer from New York City, more specifically Brooklyn. Signorelli's involvement with the New York punk scene began quite early, playing drums with the Dots. It is the Dots drum kit that was used during a recording session with the Bad Brains. That session, naturally, became known as the Black Dots session, and was released a few years ago by that name on CD. His recording catalog is nearly as impressive as the years he's racked up touring in clubs throughout the world, primarily with Unsane, NYC's infamous noise rock trio. Signorelli replaced original drummer Charlie Ondras after Ondras' heroin overdose at a CMJ showcase in Manhattan. He has played primarily with Swans, Unsane, and Foetus. Additionally, he has done session work with Lubricated Goat on the acclaimed Forces You Don't Understand, and the slo-core band Idaho. Though still touring and recording with Unsane, Signorelli opened and runs a tattoo shop in New York called True Blue located in Queens on Fresh Pond Road.

He has recently joined a band called A Storm of Light with Josh Graham (Neurosis, ex Red Sparowes, Battle of Mice, Blood and Time) on guitar and vocals, Domenic Seita (ex Tombs and Asea) on bass, and Pete Angevine (Satanized) on additional drums and percussion. They will release their debut album in June 2008.

Not many know that he made a guest appearance on "MTV Downtown Julie Brown" playing drums for Londonbeat on the song "I've Been Thinking About You".

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