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One area where Vie is lacking is in terms of transport infrastructure. The general lack of transport links to the Oradea city centre have been caused by three main factors, namely:

  • the relatively steep terrain of the area
  • its low population density and lack of commercial or industrial land uses
  • more recently, the presence of high-income earners in the area, a sector of the population which has greater rates of car ownership, therefore creating less demand for public transport services than in other districts of Oradea

These factors, combined with Vie's proximity to the city in some parts, have led to the area being served by virtually no public transport, besides the easy access to Oradea's main railway station, which is at the southern boundary of Vie, and a bus route (line 13) which links the three hospitals of Vie with the city centre of Oradea (and passes through the quarter's main roads). In fact, Vie is the only district in Oradea not to be served by a tram line. Some roads in the quarter, especially those in steeper terrain or in the northern parts, are unpaved, making access more difficult.

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