Victorian Heritage Register

The Victorian Heritage Register lists places of cultural heritage significance to the State of Victoria, Australia. It has statutory weight under the Heritage Act 1995 which establishes Heritage Victoria as the permit authority. The Act and its register provide protection for a wide range of cultural heritage places and objects, including:

  • historic archaeological sites and artefacts
  • historic buildings, structures and precincts
  • gardens, trees and cemeteries
  • cultural landscapes
  • shipwrecks and relics
  • significant objects and collections

Heritage Victoria is part of the Department of Planning and Community Development, a department of the Government of Victoria, Australia. Heritage Victoria reports to the Heritage Council who assess nominations to the register. The Minister for Planning is the responsible Minister for Heritage Victoria and the Heritage Act 1995.

It lists significant buildings and other sites in Victoria and provides legal protection against demolition or other alterations to listed sites. Delisting of a site requires the intervention of the relevant government minister.

All places and objects listed on the register are entitled to a Blue plaque .

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