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Autonomy and Responsibility

A strong theme in David Bezmozgis' film, Victoria Day, is that of maturation—the coming of age from an adolescent to an adult. Through the beginning of the film, Ben Spector is completely dedicated to his hockey team, refusing to miss hockey practise despite the incentive that his crush, Jordan's sister Cayla, would be attending. Ben's success as a star player on his Toronto Red Wings hockey team, is enthusiastically supported by Yuri Spektor, Ben's father who encourages Ben to watch Wayne Gretzky's games in hopes his son will pursue his promising hockey career.

Ben's teenage life appears to be inconsistent. He seems to be at an age stuck between adulthood and the joys of childhood. While he attempts to maturely please his father and pursue hockey, Ben, alongside his reckless friends Noah and Sammy, engage in immature behaviours. A couple of days before Victoria Day, Ben and his friends buy fireworks from a peculiar man illegally selling them on the side of the road, after which the boys drive off firing them at the man from which they were bought. This immature act of using fireworks in the means of resembling firearms was clearly not well thought through and foreshadowed the danger and negative outcome to follow. Ben shows an additional lack of maturity when he gives a teammate, Jordan Chapman, five dollars to buy drugs with the intent of getting Jordan to leave him alone.

As the story progresses, Ben is able to realize that he had made the wrong decision by providing Jordan with the money he needed for the drugs. As a form of atonement, he volunteers to join the search parties looking for Cayla's brother. Eventually, Ben confesses to Jordan's father that he had given Jordan the money. The confession furthermore enables Ben with the confidence to confront his own father about his discomfort playing hockey while a member of his team is missing. Through the finale of the film, Ben's maturity is evidently witnessed. Ben is able to decline Cayla's seductive advances, acknowledging her emotional vulnerability due to her brothers disappearance shown through his mature outlook on the situation and his actions.

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