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Main Protagonist

  • Mark Rendall as Ben Spektor, a grade 11 student attending Newtonbrook Secondary School. At first, his interests mainly consist of hockey, his passion for Bob Dylan, and his high school crush on Cayla Chapman. Early on in the film, Ben is indirectly involved with the disappearance of Jordan Chapman which triggers a change in his perception of his life. The disappearance has noticeable effects upon Ben's emotional and mental state which in turn impacts his behavior and hockey performance. Before the disappearance, Ben plays hockey well, scoring two goals and one assist in the beginning of the film, however after his team-mate goes missing, Ben loses motivation and is seen being tripped by an opposing team player, watching as the action rushes away from him. Similarly, Ben is emotionally trapped in the incident as though he is stuck in a particular passage of time while mostly everyone else moves on with their lives. The majority of Ben's discomfort can be attributed to the disconnection he finds with the reactions of his team-mates, friends, and family to the reality of the incident. Ben is emotionally isolated from his community when he sees that the disappearance does not have the same effect upon others as it does on him, such as Ben's offence to the blasé manner when Sammy refers to Jordan as the "dead guy".

While for the most part, everybody carries on as normal, Ben is torn between going forward with his life and remaining tied to Jordan's disappearance. Ben attempts to surpass his sorrow by going on a date with Melanie, but cannot make an emotional connection with her as she is untouched by the events that have recently displaced his life. Instead, Ben seeks an emotional connection with Cayla, seeing as she is more personally affected by her brother's disappearance. While visiting Cayla's house, Ben finally takes the opportunity to tell the Chapmans the detail that he has been omitting from the majority of his community. In spite of his attempts, Ben is yet again rebutted from having closure as Cayla's father unexpectedly orders him out of the house. At home, Ben is confronted by his parents in addition to the overwhelming pressures from his community, to move on from this event. Since he is still incapable of move on, Ben tries to cope with the pressure by engaging in mindless frivolities with Sammy and Noah, leading to the physical impairment that further stops Ben from moving on with life.

In an interview, Mark Rendall said that he embodied some of the director and writer, David Bezmozgis' traits in order to accurately portray the character as the writer/director intended. Mark Rendall also notes that he has had a one- to two-year gap, without a leading role before this movie.

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