VGS may refer to:

  • US-skacore band Voodoo Glow Skulls
  • Volunteer Gliding Squadron
  • Virtual Game Station


  • Vince Genna Stadium, a baseball park in Bend, Oregon


  • VGS means gate to source voltage in field effect transistors (electronics)


  • The latest game in the series, Tribes: Ascend, in which VGS makes your character say "Shazbot!" The volume of the in-game voice chat phrases is adjusted in the menu; VGS Volume.

Other articles related to "vgs, vg":

Uses Of Jfet - Function
... Pinch-off occurs at a particular reverse bias (VGS) of the gate-source junction ... For example, VGS(off) for the Temic J201 device varies from -0.8V to -4V ...
RAF Hullavington - Current Usage
... Although the two VGS fly cadets, they are run by staff from the RAF VR/T, and as such, it still gets referred to as "RAF Hullavington" despite being officially decommissioned when the base was handed ... Each VGS has a different set of experienced flight staff and instructors, with many being former cadets themselves ... The two VGS operate conventional winch-launched gliders every Saturday and Sunday, and throughout courses which they both run in public holidays ...
Connectix Virtual Game Station
... The Virtual Game Station (VGS) is an emulator by Connectix that allows Sony PlayStation games to be played on a desktop computer ... VGS was created by Aaron Giles ... Several PlayStation-type hand controllers became available with VGS in mind ...
Vortex Generator - After-market Installation
... but there are also after-market suppliers who sell VG kits to improve the STOL performance of some light aircraft ... After-market suppliers claim (i) that VGs lower stall speed and reduce take-off and landing speeds, and (ii) that VGs increase the effectiveness of ailerons, elevators and rudders, thereby improving ... For home-built and experimental kitplanes, VGs are cheap, cost-effective and can be installed quickly but for certified aircraft installations, certification costs can be high, making the kits relatively ...