Vertical Rows

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Hexagonal Lattice
... to as "hexagonal lattice with horizontal rows" (like in the figure below), with triangles pointing up and down, and "hexagonal lattice with vertical rows", with triangles pointing left and right ... The hexagonal lattice with horizontal rows is a special case of a centered rectangular (i.e ... to as "honeycomb structure with horizontal rows", with hexagons with two vertical sides, and "honeycomb structure with vertical rows", with hexagons with two horizontal sides ...
Domineering - Basic Examples - Horizontal Rows - Vertical Rows
... Vertical columns are evaluated in the same way ... If there is a row of 2n or 2n+1 boxes, it counts as −n ...
CEA-708 - Caption Stream Encoding (block_data) - Caption Commands - DefineWindow07 (0x98-0x9F, + 6 Bytes)
... row lock, 1 bit ... If set row lock fixes the absolute number of rows to be displayed ... If not set, a caption decoder may display more rows of text when the font size permits it, and a SetPenLocation command may go to a location outside the ...

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    Creatures that hang themselves up like an old rag, to sleep;
    And disgustingly upside down.
    Hanging upside down like rows of disgusting old rags
    And grinning in their sleep.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)

    In bourgeois society, the French and the industrial revolution transformed the authorization of political space. The political revolution put an end to the formalized hierarchy of the ancien regimé.... Concurrently, the industrial revolution subverted the social hierarchy upon which the old political space was based. It transformed the experience of society from one of vertical hierarchy to one of horizontal class stratification.
    Donald M. Lowe, U.S. historian, educator. History of Bourgeois Perception, ch. 4, University of Chicago Press (1982)