Vertex Figures

Some articles on vertex figures:

Near-miss Johnson Solid - Possible Vertex Figures
... made of regular polygons, have a countably infinite set of vertex figures that they can use, defined by a positive angle defect ... The set of polygons that can create convex vertex figures include Triples p.q.r 3.3.(3-5), 3.4.(4-11), 3.5.(5-29), 3.6.(6+), 3.7.(7-41), 3.8.(8-23), 3.9.(9-17), 3.10.(10-14 ... of these polygon lists further extend possible vertex figures ...
Abstract Polytope - The Amalgamation Problem and Universal Polytopes - Local Topology
... an abstract polytope is called locally X if its facets and vertex figures are, topologically, either spheres or X, but not both spheres ... of rank 4 (that is, four-dimensional) locally projective polytopes, since their facets and vertex figures are tessellations of real projective planes ... way to describe a polytope whose facets are tori and whose vertex figures are projective planes, for example ...

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