• (adj): Disposed to venture or take risks.
    Example: "A venturesome investor"
    Synonyms: audacious, daring, venturous
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Venturesome Fund
... CAF Venturesome (http// was founded in 2002 in the UK and is an innovative pioneer of financial instruments for supporting social enterprises - and is an example of ... activity has grown through new financing provided by not only Venturesome but also the Impetus Trust, Ashoka Innovators for the Public, Skoll Foundation and Futurebuilders England ... Venture philanthropists supporting the work of Venturesome want to see their money working hard, recycling 4 or 5 times in contrast to the one-off donation of a ...
Venturesome Fund - Funding Social Entrepreneurs
... Venturesome fills the gap in the financing spectrum between grants and bank loans by providing risk capital and advice to small and medium social enterprises that are UK based ... Venturesome generally provides three types of finance Pre-funding capital fundraising bridging finance for fundraised projects Working capital underpinning cash flow/ financial stabilisation ...

More definitions of "venturesome":

  • (adj): Willing to try new things and take risks.
    Example: "There is a new venturesome spirit among young people today"
  • (adj): Involving risk or danger.
    Example: "A venturesome journey in wintertime"
    Synonyms: hazardous, risky, venturous