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Registration Plate Suppliers

Number plates were traditionally made by the motor vehicle's original supplier, and replacement plates could be made by anybody with the correct equipment. (Some people even had street address numbers made up this way for affixing to their houses.) Under the new law, plates sold in England and Wales can now only be supplied by a supplier registered by the DVLA - The Register of Number Plate Suppliers (RNPS). The supplier needs to confirm that the person is the registered keeper or other authorised person and verify their identity. The name and postcode of the supplier must be shown at the bottom of the plate. Number plates in the UK are in general flat and made of plastic, embossed aluminium plates are available from specific suppliers.

Registered number plate suppliers must keep accurate records including the documents produced by their customers. These can be required by the police to assist them cracking down on vehicle crime or crime involving cloned number plates. A full list of suppliers can be found here:

Some companies, particularly those based online, do however sell number plates under the banner of "show plates" or "not for road use". This allows motorists to buy a number plate on the agreement that it will not be used on a vehicle on a public road.

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