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Van Emde Boas Tree - How It Works
... A vEB tree T over the universe {0...M-1} has a root node that stores an array T.children of length M1/2 ... T.children is a pointer to a vEB tree that is responsible for the values {iM1/2...(i+1)M1/2-1} ... T.min and T.max as well as an auxiliary vEB tree T.aux ...
Van Emde Boas Tree - How It Works - Delete
... Deletion from vEB trees is the trickiest of the operations ... Delete(T, x) that deletes a value x from a vEB tree T operates as follows If T.min = T.max = x then x is the only element stored in the tree and we set T.min = M and T.max = -1 to indicate that the tree is empty ... Otherwise, if x = T.min then we need to find the second-smallest value y in the vEB tree, delete it from its current location, and set T.min=y ...

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