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Title Platform Publisher(s) Release Date
V.G. - Variable Geo PC9800 Giga July 9, 1993
Advanced V.G. Turbo CD TGL July 22, 1994
V.G. II - THE BOUT OF CABALISTIC GODDESS PC9800 Giga November 25, 1994
Super Variable Geo Super Famicom TGL July 21, 1995
Advanced V.G. Sega Saturn TGL March 27, 1995
Advanced V.G. PlayStation TGL March 19, 1996
Advanced V.G. 2 PlayStation TGL September 23, 1998
V.G. Custom PC Giga February 19, 1999
V.G. Max PC Giga September 10, 1999
V.G. Adventure PC Giga March 17, 2000
V.G. Rebirth PC Giga September 28, 2001
V.G. Rebirth Dash PC Giga March 23, 2002
Advanced V.G. 2 PlayStation TGL February 27, 2003
V.G. NEO PC Giga December 19, 2003
  • V.G.: Variable Geo (PC9800, Giga, July 9, 1993)

The first game in the series largely ignored a major storyline in favor of focusing more on the fighting system and hentai sequences. Players take control of one of six VG waitresses and battle the other five in order to win the tournament. Kaori Yanase and Reimi Jahana serve as the game's sub and final boss characters respectively unless the player is controlling one of them, in which case Yuka takes the place of the player-controlled character.

  • Advanced V.G. (Turbo CD, TGL, July 22, 1994)

An updated version of the first game which adds three new playable characters, a storyline which features Yuka as the main character (who has a clone), and includes a pair of "True" bosses, the genetically engineered "Hybrid" warriors K-1 and K-2. This game would later be re-released on the Sega Saturn and PlayStation with updated graphics and sound. The only major difference between the two versions is that the Saturn version retains the "Graphic Mode" setting which allows the viewing of the hentai scenes. This option was omitted from the PlayStation version.

  • V.G. II: Bout of Cabalistic Goddess (PC9800, Giga, November 25, 1994)

Kotoe Kashima, a childhood rival of Reimi, creates her own V.G. tournament in order to prove once and for all that she is far stronger and more beautiful than the Jahana Heiress. All of the previous fighters return and must face each other through a series of bouts. After defeating the other characters, the player must then face Kotoe's bodyguards before fighting Kotoe herself in a final match. This game was later declared non-canon by TGL.

  • Super V.G. (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, TGL, July 21, 1995)

A stripped down version of Advanced V.G. that removes the Hybrids and Graphic Mode option.

  • Advanced V.G. 2 (PlayStation, TGL, September 23, 1998)

The sequel to Advanced V.G. centers around a plot-driven "Story Mode" which features new protagonist Tamao Mitsurugi facing all of the previous competitors, as well as new faces Kyoko Kirishima and Saki Shindou before going on to face the new boss characters Material and Miranda Jahana, Reimi's mother.

  • V.G. Custom (PC, Giga, February 19, 1999)

Another remake of Advanced V.G., this game features the same cast as Super V.G., but includes the same style of graphics and sound used in Advanced V.G. 2, along with reusing all Humiliation sequences from V.G. II: Bout of Cabalistic Goddess (though the dialogue was changed) and (non-canon) endings. Tamao Mitsurugi is a hidden character in the game and playable in versus and practice modes once unlocked.

  • V.G. Max (PC, Giga, September 10, 1999)

A game in which the V.G. waitresses are rendered as super deformed style characters akin to Pocket Fighter. Includes the original six V.G. contestants, as well as Satomi Yajima from Advanced V.G., Tamao Mitsurugi from Advanced V.G. 2, Yumiko Watanuki from V.G. II and new character Masako Houjouin.

  • V.G. Adventure (PC, Giga, March 17, 2000)

A text-based adventure game featuring the V.G. waitresses. The player takes control of Tamao Mitsurugi as she attempts to locate the missing Yuka Takeuchi and foil Miranda's latest plot. Fights are executed in a rock-paper-scissors fashion. With each successful attack, energy is added to a super meter that appears under the fighter's lifebar. Once full, the fighter can unleash a powerfully (in most characters' cases) unblockable attack. While Tamao is the only playable character in the storymode, there is a CPU versus mode that allows the player to pick from any character in the game.

  • V.G. Rebirth (PC, Giga, September 28, 2001)

A visual novel game in which the player plays the part of a reporter working on a story about the V.G. competition. The game also introduces the new character Hiyori Sakuragi. Depending on the choices the player makes, he/she will be paired with Yuka, Tamao or Reimi.

  • V.G. Rebirth Dash (PC, Giga, March 23, 2002)

An update to V.G. Rebirth which includes nearly every other non-boss character (Ayako Yuuki is absent as she is a lesbian) as an option to pair with the player. It also introduces the new character Keiko Hatano.

  • V.G. Neo (PC, Giga, December 19, 2003)

The latest visual novel returns the series to its roots as a fighting tournament and features an entirely new cast, much in the same vein as Street Fighter III and Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

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