Vacuous Truths

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Vacuous Truths in Mathematics
... Vacuous truths occur commonly in mathematics ... But for the empty set the statement may very well reduce to a vacuous truth ... So by taking this vacuous truth to be true, our general statement stands and we are not forced to make an exception for the empty set ...

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    ... whatever men do or know or experience can make sense only to the extent that it can be spoken about. There may be truths beyond speech, and they may be of great relevance to man in the singular, that is, to man in so far as he is not a political being, whatever else he may be. Men in the plural, that is, men in so far as they live and move and act in this world, can experience meaningfulness only because they can talk with and make sense to each other and to themselves.
    Hannah Arendt (1906–1975)