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  • Puritan Missionary, John Eliot, started 14 Praying Indian Villages such as those at RIce City and Wacentug and was a witness for the original deed with native Americans of what became the original town, "Squineshepauk Plantation", Mendon (Mendham).

  • Coronet John Farnum, Jr., House, 1710, houses Uxbridge Historical Society, Held First Town Meeting in 1727

  • Nathan Webb's Church (1731), first new Congregational Church in Massachusetts, First Great Awakening Period

  • Friends Meeting House (1770), Quaker Highway at Route 98, Uxbridge, MA. Abolitionist Quakers with ties to Moses Brown first resettled here from Rhode Island. At least two of its members became key leaders in the national anti-slavery movement- Abby Kelley Foster and Effingham Capron.

  • Portrait, Rev. Samuel Spring, Old South Church, Newburyport; (1746–1819), early American Revolutionary War chaplain, Congregationalist minister, founder of Andover (now Newton-Andover) Theological Seminary and Massachusetts Missionary Society. Uxbridge native, tutored by Rev Nathan Webb

  • Lt. Simeon Wheelock House (1768), Deborah Wheelock Chapter, D.A.R. Lt. Wheelock died in Shays' rebellion while on duty protecting the Springfield Armory. Shays' Rebellion had opening salvos in Uxbridge.

  • Lt. Colonel Seth Read, fought at Bunker Hill, added E Pluribus Unum to coins, and founded Erie, PA, and early settlement at Geneva, New York

  • Seth Read House Uxbridge, MA, built circa 1767 at corner of present day Mendon St, and North Main Street before railroad was built.

  • The town of Uxbridge built 13 district schoolhouses in 1797. The South Uxbridge schoolhouse today houses the south Uxbridge community association at the historic site of Ironstone, Massachusetts.

  • Site of the Daniel Day Mill, 1809. Daniel Day (Manufacturer) started the first woolen mill in the Blackstone Valley later also known as "Scott's Mill", the current factory recently housed Berrocoo Inc., extending a 200 year family enterprise, now a prominent yarn company..

  • Jacob Aldrich house typifies the early Quaker houses at Quaker City, and South Uxbridge.

  • Abby Kelley Foster, a member of the Uxbridge Friend's Meeting, led Susan B. Anthony to abolitionism. She became the foremost lecturer and fundraiser for the American anti-slavery society of which fellow Quaker meetinghouse member Effingham Capron became Vice President.

  • Uxbridge Academy & Masonic Lodge. Uxbridge Academy was a sought after New England Prep School from 1818

  • Crown & Eagle Mill, built in 1824 by Robert Rogerson, a son of British immigrants, and a musician, it is considered a masterpiece of early American Industrial architecture, today the heart of Rogerson's Village Historic District.

  • Rivulet Mill Complex, 1814, North Uxbridge, The original mill was built by Chandler Taft, and later owned by Richard Sayles.

  • Canoes on the Blackstone Canal. The Blackstone Canal was built starting in 1824 and provided early freight transport by horse pulled barges from Providence to Worcester.

  • Stanley Woolen Mill, built by Moses Taft, with view of the Blackstone Canal, was the scene for two movies, The Great Gatsby, 1974, and Oliver's Story, 1978. In 1989, it had been the longest continuously operating family-owned mill in the US. This mill ran 24/7 making Civil War blue woolen cloth for military uniforms.

  • Historic North Uxbridge School, former Virginia Blanchard pre-K Center

  • Mumford River's Capron Falls. Water powered early Uxbridge mills. To the right of this photo is the Capron Park, now dedicated to Effingham Capron, nationally prominent abolitionist. Uxbridge became a prominent junction of the underground railroad.

  • The Capron Mill, built by John Capron Sr. and his sons Effingham, and John, circa 1820 manufactured the first satinets, used the first power looms for woolens in America, and made US military uniforms for over 140 years, including the first US Air Force dress uniform, "Uxbridge 1683", aka Uxbridge Blue.

  • Unitarian Church at Uxbridge where Judge Henry Chapin, three term Worcester Mayor, delivered a famous 1864 published historical address. Judge Chapin was as a prominent Unitarian Church leader in Massachusetts. This church was prominent in the Industrial period of this community.

  • Judge Henry Chapin, 2nd Mayor of Worcester, three term Mayor, Chief Judge, and Practicing Attorney who lived in Uxbridge, and delivered a famous historical address to the Uxbridge Unitarian Church in 1864 recording the account of America's First Woman Voter, Lydia Taft

  • Ezra Taft Benson, ran a hotel in Uxbridge, married two sisters from Northbridge, LDS Apostle, Missionary to the Hawaiian Islands, and Utah Territorial Legislator

  • Arthur MacArthur, Sr., born to Scottish nobility, Wisconsin's 4th Governor, Lt. Governor, Chief Justice, of the US DC District Court, and Grandfather of General Douglas McArthur

  • Willard Bartlett became the Chief Justice of the New York Court of Appeals and his brother Franklin Bartlett became a United States Congressman from New York.

  • Effingham Capron was a national, state and local anti-slavery champion. He and his brothe John Capron, Jr and their father, ran the Capron Mill at Uxbridge. The historic park commemorates the contributions of Effingham Capron here and to the USA.

  • Arthur Wheelock, Jr., National Gallery Curator Northern Baroque Art

  • Jeannine Oppewall, Hollywood film art producer, born and raised in Uxbridge, four time academy award nominee, with multiple films including Seabiscuit and Bridges of Madison County.

  • Brian Skerry, At Boston University, 2011, Underwater Photographer, With National Geographic, Sounding the Alarm for Global Sealife.

  • Uxbridge High School, Quaker Highway, S. Uxbridge, MA, built 2012.

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