Uttara, which means "north" in Hindi, may refer to:

  • Uttara (Dhaka), a suburb north of Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital
  • Uttara, Andaman, a village in the Andaman Archipelago, India
  • Uttara (film), directed by Buddhadev Dasgupta (2000)
  • Uttara (typeface), a typeface for the devanagri script
  • Uttara Foods and Feeds, an Indian company
  • In the Hindu epic Mahabharata:
    • Uttara (Mahabharata), a son of King Virata who went into battle with Arjuna
    • Uttarā (Mahabharata), with a long final a, daughter of Virata and mother of Parikshit
  • In the history of Buddhism
    • Uttara, a great Arihant (Buddhism) Bhikkuni contemporary of Gautama Buddha

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Sunbeams School
... The other campus is located in Uttara and has classes from Playgroup to 'A' Levels ... has two branches Junior section, in Dhanmondi Road 27 - Playgroup to Class 4, Uttara campus, in Sector 10, Uttara - Playgroup to 'A' Levels ... The Uttara campus is the main campus, containing the Senior Section and administrative buildings ...
Brihannala - As Charioteer To Prince Uttara Kumara
... Draupadi, the sairindhri, convinced Prince Uttara Kumara to approach the invaders with Brihannala as the sarathy (chariot driver) ... He then revealed the secret about the Pandavas to Uttara and convinced him by telling him his ten different names and the meaning for each of them (Arjuna, Phalguna, Jishnu, Kiriti, Swetavahana, Bhibhatsu ... With the assistance of Uttara's chariot-riding, he was able to drive out the Kauravas and retrieve the cows of Matsya Kingdom ...
Uttara University
... Uttara University (Bengali উত্তরা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়) or (UU) is a private university at Uttara, in Dhaka, Bangladesh ... UU has eight campuses in a one-kilometer radius in Uttara, and another campus in Mirpur-1 ...
Sushruta Samhita - Contents
... first is the five section Purva-tantra, and the second is the Uttara-tantra ... Together, the Purva-tantra and Uttara-tantra (apart from Salyya and Salakya) describe the sciences and practices of medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, diseases of the ear, nose, throat ... The Uttara-tantra contains the remaining four specialities, namely Salakya, Kaumarabhfefefrtya, Kayacikitsa and Bhutavidya ...
Central Asians In Ancient Indian Literature - Central Asian People in Indian Classical Literature - Aitareya Brahmana
... As an illustration, the name of Uttara Kuru and Uttara Madra are given ... But other literature affirms that, besides Uttara Kuru and Uttara Madra, the janapadas of Parama Kambojas, Rshikas and the Lohas etc ...