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ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 - Current Codes - User-assigned Code Elements
... User-assigned code elements are codes at the disposal of users who need to add further names of countries, territories, or other geographical entities to their in-house application of ... The following alpha-2 codes can be user-assigned AA, QM to QZ, XA to XZ, and ZZ ...

Famous quotes containing the words assigned and/or user:

    During the long ages of class rule, which are just beginning to cease, only one form of sovereignty has been assigned to all men—that, namely, over all women. Upon these feeble and inferior companions all men were permitted to avenge the indignities they suffered from so many men to whom they were forced to submit.
    Mary Putnam Jacobi (1842–1906)

    A worker may be the hammer’s master, but the hammer still prevails. A tool knows exactly how it is meant to be handled, while the user of the tool can only have an approximate idea.
    Milan Kundera (b. 1929)