Urraca or Hurraca (also medieval Latin Urracha and Hurracka) is a feminine given name, the same as the Spanish word for magpie, derived perhaps from Latin furax, meaning "thievish", in reference to the magpie's tendency to collect shiny items. The name may be of Basque origin, as suggested by onomastic analysis.

  • Urraca (9th century), purported wife of García Íñiguez of Pamplona
  • Urraca bint Qasi (fl. 917–929), wife of Fruela II of León
  • Urraca Sánchez (10th century), wife of Ramiro II of León
  • Urraca Fróilaz (fl. 969–978), wife of Aznar Purcelliz
  • Urraca Garcés (died before 1008), wife of Fernán González of Castile and William II Sánchez of Gascony
  • Urraca Fernández (died 1005/7), wife of Ordoño III of León, Ordoño IV of León and of Sancho II of Pamplona
  • Urraca of Covarrubias (died 1038), abbess and daughter of García Fernández of Castile
  • Urraca, apparently Gómez (died 1039), wife of Sancho García of Castile
  • Urraca Sánchez (died 1041), wife of Sancho VI William of Gascony
  • Urraca Sánchez (11th century), wife of Alfonso V of León
  • Urraca of Zamora (1033/4–1101), daughter of King Ferdinand I of León.
  • Urraca of León and Castile (1082–1129), queen of León and Castile and aunt to Afonso I of Portugal
  • Urraca of Castile, Queen of Navarre (Urraca the Asturian) (1132–1164), daughter of Alfonso VII of León and Castile, and queen consort of García Ramírez of Navarre
  • Urraca of Portugal (1151–1188), was a daughter of Afonso I of Portugal and the wife of King Ferdinand II of León

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... In the poetic legend, Dona Urraca is the wronged infanta, watching Sancho and the Cid despoil her lands from the battlements of her castle shortly before Sancho is murdered ... scheming against the Cid, once she seems rejected by him however it omits the story that Urraca and Rodrigo grew up as close companions in Zamora and maybe ... For some reason the film wrongly makes Urraca the ruler of Calahorra, rather than Zamora ...
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... de Traba, the guardian of the heir, Alfonso Raimúndez, rebelled against Queen Urraca and her new husband, Alfonso the Battler ... de Miño and installed a garrison there under his wife Urraca and the young Alfonso ... King of Galicia in opposition to Urraca and her husband ...
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... Urraca of Castile, Queen of Castile, 1109–1126, Queen of Leon, 1109–1126 Urraca of Castile (d.1039), Lady of Infantado de Covarrubias ... Urraca of Leon, Lady of Zamora Urraca Paterna (d.861), Countess of Castile ...
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... and before the death of her father, the Emperor Alfonso VI, Urraca, in her capacity as ruler of Galicia styled herself "Empress of all Galicia" (tocius ... It is probable that Urraca's right to succeed Raymond was confirmed at a meeting of the royal court in León in December 1107 and that it was this which led her to briefly adopt the imperial style ... Two charters of 1112 refer to Queen Urraca as "empress" (imperatrix), including an original of 18 May ...