Uppsala Cathedral - Interred Notables

Interred Notables

A number of Swedish kings and notable people were buried inside the cathedral:

  • Gustav Vasa, 16th century, King of Sweden. He is buried with his three wives, although only two are depicted on the sarcophagus designed by Willem Boy. The king was interred in what was once the Chapel of the Virgin Mary. The only remaining indication of the original intention of the chapel are the painted yellow stars against a blue background on its vaulted ceiling, symbols of Saint Mary in Catholic tradition.
  • John III of Sweden (son of Gustav Vasa) and his wife Catherine Jagiellon.
  • Carolus Linnaeus, 18th century world-renowned botanist.
  • Olaus Rudbeck, famous Swedish polymath and one of the discoverers of the lymphatic system (He also wrote Atlantica, a book in which he attempted to demonstrate that all peoples of the world originated in Sweden, and that Uppsala was the lost Atlantis).
  • Emanuel Swedenborg, 18th century scientist and mystic. He was not originally interred here, but his remains were transported to Uppsala from England in 1908.
  • Nathan Söderblom, 19th-20th century notable archbishop, Nobel Peace Prize recipient.
  • Eric the Saint, 12th century king and national saint.
  • Laurentius Petri, Sweden's first Lutheran archbishop.
  • Relics of Saint Bridget (Heliga Birgitta) and remains of her parents were placed in the chapel of Saint Eric.
  • Folke Johansson Ängel, Archbishop of Uppsala (1267–1277)

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