Upper Canada Tories - List of Political Figures With Ties To The Tories

List of Political Figures With Ties To The Tories

  • Henry Sherwood - Mayor of Toronto, MLA in the Parliament of Upper Canada and later Premier of Canada West
  • William Henry Draper - MLA in the Parliament of Upper Canada and later Premier of Canada West
  • Henry John Boulton - Solicitor General and Attorney General of Upper Canada
  • Archibald Macdonald - MLA
  • Archibald McLean - MLA, Speaker and jurist
  • Marshall Spring Bidwell
  • Sir John Robinson, 1st Baronet, of Toronto
  • Levius Peters Sherwood
  • George Strange Boulton
  • William Allan
  • Augustus Warren Baldwin
  • George Monro
  • John Alexander Macdonald
Conservative and right-of-centre parties in Canada
Forming the government
  • Conservative Party of Canada
  • British Columbia Liberals
  • Alberta PCs
  • New Brunswick PCs
  • Newfoundland and Labrador PCs
  • Saskatchewan Party
  • Yukon Party
Forming the official opposition
  • Manitoba PCs
  • Prince Edward Island PCs
  • Ontario PCs
  • Alberta Wildrose Party
Third Parties with representation
  • Nova Scotia PCs
No representation in the Commons
  • Christian Heritage
  • Progressive Canadian
  • Western Block
  • Libertarian
No representation in legislature
  • Conservative Party of Quebec
  • Équipe Autonomiste (Quebec)
  • Family Coalition (Ontario)
  • Saskatchewan PCs
  • Social Credit (Alberta)
  • British Columbia Conservatives
  • Social Credit (British Columbia)
  • Reform (Ontario)
Historical federal parties
Historical provincial and territorial parties
  • Action démocratique du Québec
  • Alberta Alliance
  • Château Clique
  • Quebec Conservatives
  • Family Compact
  • New Brunswick Confederation of Regions Party
  • Northwest Territories Liberal-Conservatives
  • Parti bleu
  • Progressive Conservative Party of Quebec
  • Ralliement créditiste du Québec
  • Union Nationale
  • Upper Canada Tories
  • Yukon Progressive Conservative Party
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