Update may refer to:

  • Patch (computing), also known as a software update
  • Update (SQL),a SQL statement for changing database records
  • Update (Jane Zhang album), 2007
  • Update (Mal Waldron album), 1987
  • Updated (album), M. Pokora's English version of his French album Mise à jour released in 2011
  • Update (FP-6 Project), stands for Understanding and Providing a Developmental Approach to Technology Education

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St. John's Roman Catholic Church (Cambridge, Massachusetts) - Architecture - Mid-1990s Renovation and Liturgical Update
1996 a fund drive began to renovate and update the church ... needed repairs and upgrades the church underwent a Liturgical update ...
Microsoft Update Catalog
... The Microsoft Update Catalog is a website that offers updates for computers running Windows 2000 SP3, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 and later ... Created by Microsoft, the service provides a list of updates for corporations to distribute over a network ... Security updates are released once a month on the website, except in special circumstances for instance, in the event of a widespread computer virus or worm ...
SIMPLE Algorithm - Algorithm
... The basic steps in the solution update are as follows Set the boundary conditions ... Update the pressure field where urf is the under-relaxation factor for pressure ... Update the boundary pressure corrections ...
Manga: The Complete Guide - 365 Days of Manga
... Thompson noted that he is contracted to update the book, but the format the update will take had not been decided ... In April 2009, Thompson submitted an update to Manga The Complete Guide to Del Rey, covering approximately 200 manga titles published in English since October 2007 ...