UOM may refer to:

In Technology:

  • Unified Ordering Model

In metrology:

  • Units of measurement

In education:

  • University of Macedonia, a university located in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • University of Montenegro, the highest educational institution in Montenegro
  • University of Malakand, at Chakdara NWFP Pakistan
  • University of Malta, the highest educational institution in Malta
  • University of Manchester, a university located Manchester, England
  • University of Melbourne, a university located Melbourne, Australia
  • University of Memphis, a university located in Memphis, TN, USA
  • University of Michigan, a university with several colleges in the state of Michigan, USA
  • University of Moratuwa, a university situated in Katubedda, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
  • University of Mumbai, a university situated in Maharashtra, India
  • University of Mauritius, a university situated in Moka, Mauritius

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Lorenzo Miguel - Life and Times - Early Life and His Rise in The UOM
... in 1952 first brought him to the attention of the leadership at the Union of Metallurgy Workers (UOM), a growing body within the CGT and its 62 unions ... of the CGT's right to political activity, the UOM elected the conciliatory Augusto Vandor as their leader in early 1962 and with him, the frugal Lorenzo Miguel as ... Reconciled with Perón and the leader of a UOM with over 400,000 members (a fifth of the CGT), Vandor was Argentina's most powerful labor leader when he was ...
General Confederation Of Labour (Argentina) - From The 1950s To The 1980s Democratic Transition - Assassinations of The Leadership and Conflict With The Far Left
... The 1969 assassination of UOM Secretary General Augusto Vandor, and that of the CGT Secretary General, José Alonso, in 1970, created a power vacuum that ... He leveraged his influence to advance a rival within the UOM, José Ignacio Rucci, as the new Secretary General of the CGT ...
Lorenzo Miguel - Life and Times - The Peronist Revival
... ties to the group were first exposed after June 20, 1973, when UOM heavies reportedly helped the Triple A ignite a riot at a massive gathering in honor of Perón's ... The UOM's presumptive role, though minor, forced Miguel attend a summit with his archenemies, the violently leftist Montoneros, in which he denied complicity and arrived at a ... The UOM then took part in a February 1974 police coup that led to the violent exit of leftist Córdoba Province Governor Ricardo Obregón Cano ...
Augusto Vandor - Career
... He became the steward of the Phillips factory UOM local and in 1954, led a strike for better pay at the facility ... Its success made him prominent in the UOM (the steelworkers' union within the CGT, the paramount trade union in Argentina), but led to his arrest following a 1955 military coup that overthrew the ... was elected Secretary General of the UOM, the largest of the CGT's 62 unions ...