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Polyester (film) - Plot
... Francine's troubles is her snobby, class-conscious, cocaine-snorting mother, La Rue (Joni Ruth White), who robs Francine blind and only cares about her "valuable shopping time." Francine ... Lu-Lu becomes pregnant by her delinquent boyfriend, Bo-Bo (Stiv Bators), and she tells her mother, "I'm having an abortion, and I can't wait!" and after Dexter is arrested at a supermarket for ... and tries to induce a miscarriage, causing Francine to call an unwed mothers' home ...

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    Many women who used to be full-time mothers are discovering that outside work gives them friends, challenges, variety, money, independence; it makes them feel better about themselves, and therefore lets them be better parents.
    —Wendy Coppedge Sanford. Ourselves and Our Children, by Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, introduction (1978)