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The university has been giving paramount importance to research in different disciplines since its inception. Proper research environment has been created by appointing eminent scholars, establishing research laboratories, deputing scholars under cultural exchange programme, awarding teacher fellowships, sanctioning research funds and instituting special awards and prizes for original research. In order to promote research, the university has recognized 48 national level institutions for undertaking research in different disciplines. In all, 1112 candidates are registered for Ph.D. of which 479 are with fellowships. For monitoring the research activities, the university convenes the meeting of the Post Graduate Council periodically. In the preceding 5 years, the university completed 99 Major Research Projects and 66 Minor Research Projects amounting to Rs. 390 million. The research funding was obtained from government sources and agencies like Advant India Ltd., AICTE, CSIR, DAM Hampi, DAT, DANIDA, DBT, DST, EEC, ICAR, UGC, Canadian International Development Agency, ICSSR, ICMR, and Ford Foundation. University has earmarked Rs. one million per year for funding research by junior faculty. For quality research, facilities have been created like National Single Crystal Diffractometer Facility – in Physics, National Facility for Drosophila Genetic Stocks – in Zoology, Electron Probe Micro Analyzer – in Geology, Seed Pathology lab – in Applied Botany, National Centre for History of Science, Oriental Research Institute, Multimedia laboratory in Kannada Studies and Digitization of the Library.

There is a provision for limited number of Junior Research Fellowships for pursuing M.Phil/Research Degree. The university has instituted 30 research fellowships every year to SC/ST students and faculty improvement fellowship to some SC/ST teachers. Many university departments are involved in collaborative research at national level and have international collaborations also.

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