University of California, Berkeley School of Optometry - Founding and Brief History - Faculty and Alumni

Faculty and Alumni

Professors, optometrists, and vision scientists have headed the School as deans. Berkeley Optometry's alumni and faculty have also served as presidents of national, state, and local organizations. Numbers shown in parentheses indicate the years of graduation or service on the faculty.


Years Dean Years Dean Years Dean
1923–1946 Ralph S. Minor, PhD (Physics) 1977–1978 (Acting Dean) Robert Mandell, OD, PhD 1992–2001 Anthony J. Adams, OD, PhD
1946–1960 Kenneth B. Stoddard, OD, PhD (Physics) 1978–1979 (Acting Dean) Irving Fatt, PhD (Chemistry) 2001–present Dennis M. Levi, OD, PhD
1960–1973 Meredith W. Morgan, OD, PhD (Physiology) 1979–1980 (Acting Dean) Robert Mandell, OD, PhD
1973–1978 Monroe J. Hirsch, OD, PhD 1980–1992 Jay M. Enoch, OD, PhD

Presidents of the American Optometric Association (AOA)

Years President AOA Years President AOA
1911, 1912 George L. Schneider (clinical faculty 1923-28) 1964 Charles E. Seger (OD '48)
1956 Rupert E. Flower (OD '37) 1992, 1993 Edward Elliott (OD '65)

Presidents of the American Academy of Optometry (AAO)

Years President, AAO Years President, AAO Years President, AAO
1953, 1954 Meredith W. Morgan, Jr. (OD '34 & Dean) 1981, 1982 Merton C. Flom (OD '51, PhD '57) 2010, 2011 Karla Zadnik (OD '82, PhD '92)
1967, 1968 Monroe J. Hirsch (OD '40 & Dean) 1983, 1984 Gordon G. Heath (PhD '60)
1974, 1975 Henry B. Peters (OD '38) 1999, 2000 Anthony J. Adams (Faculty & Dean)

Presidents of the California Optometric Association (COA)

Election Year President, COA Election Year President, COA Election Year President, COA
1910 George L. Schneider (clinical faculty 1923-28) 1962 Bernard Garrett (OD '40) 1992 L. Bruce Mebine (OD '68)
1948 Rupert E, Flower (OD '37) 1963 Charles J. McDonald (OD '36) 1997 Lee A. Goldstein (OD '66)
1949 Lawrence H. Foster (OD '36) 1967 Harvey Arnold (OD '48) 1998 Rick T. Iwai (OD '84)
1952 C. Roger Brissman (OD '34) 1968 Lawrence Creasey (OD '58) 2001 Scott P. Daly (OD '83)
1953 Arthur J. Gay (OD '36) 1972 Charles F. Brown (OD '47) 2003, 2004 Lawrence Thal (OD '75)
1954 Max Blechman (OD '44) 1965 Paul R. Nielson (OD '49) 2007 Robert M. Theaker (OD '91)
1955 D. Leroy Leatart (OD '28) 1982 Edward Elliott (OD '65) 2008 David M. Redman (OD '91)
1959 George I. Deane, Jr. ('49) 1983 Alan Freid (OD '52) 2011 Page Yarwood (OD '76)
1960 Charles E. Seger (OD '40) 1984, 1985 Marvin R. Kasanoff (OD '55)

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