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Many players prefer not to play a pedal steel guitar with multiple necks, which add to the weight of the instrument and complexity of learning multiple tunings. The E9 Nashville tuning is the most popular tuning by far, with most implementations on a 10-string neck. The next most popular tuning is C6, which many players enjoy playing but which is used on very few recordings, compared to E9. There is great appeal for a single neck pedal steel guitar with a tuning that can duplicate 90+% of the music played on the most popular tunings. While most touring professional pedal steel guitarists tend to either carry a double neck guitar (D-10 with E9 and C6 tunings) on the road, many have found that a single neck 10 string pedal steel guitar with the E9 tuning is enough for their needs. Some pro players have chosen a 12- or 14-string pedal steel for touring and recording sessions. Notable examples of players of universal tunings include Maurice Anderson (mentioned below), Julian Tharpe, Jeff Newman (also mentioned below), Joe Wright, 'Cowboy' Eddie Long, and others.

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