Universal Tuning

In playing pedal steel guitar, a universal tuning is one for a neck of twelve or fourteen strings which combines features of several other tunings, commonly including one or both of the standard C6 and E9 tunings. Universal tunings are particularly favoured by advanced players of single-neck instruments.

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Universal Tuning - Examples
... The Bb6/Eb9 Universal Tuning was developed by Maurice ('Reece') Anderson in Dallas, TX ... Their music was very jazz-oriented and the tuning was developed to exploit the jazz changes but to also allow the player to utilize the characteristic sounds of the E9 Nashville tuning which became ... Maurice's Bb6 tuning is used by a relatively small number of players but is a very powerful tuning for a player whose principal genre is western swing or jazz and for whom it is advantageous to be able to play the 'cou ...
... Copedent is a table used to describe the tuning and pedal arrangement on a pedal steel guitar ... steel players who play country music most often use an E9th tuning ... Another common copedent utilizes the C6th tuning ...

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